Mixed Doubles Club Championships

Mixed Doubles Club Championships
The Veneto Tennis Club held its Mixed Doubles Club Championships on Sunday
October 22nd. The tournament was well attended with 18 teams in two divisions.
Thank you to Brad Young of Grazie Ristorante and Jeff Lander from Tennis Central
for their generous donations to our prize package. The winners in the “A” Division
were: Zoe Correa & Teg Brar and in the “B” Division the winners were: Robert
Talevski & Marie Novakis. Our Men’s and Ladies Doubles […]

Annual Olive Branch For Children Round Robin

Our annual Olive Branch For Children Round RobinSocial Mixed Doubles Round Robin took place on Good Friday April 14th. The event
has always been an enjoyable time for all of our members with a donation of proceeds going towards the Olive Branch for Children charity, (www.theolivebranchforchildren.org). The event would not have been possible without the donations from the following members of our community:
• Wayne and Jennette McCracken, The Olive Branch for Children, Brad Young, Manager of […]

Landmark Capital Ltd Tennis Open

The inaugural Landmark Capital Ltd. Tennis Open was held at the Veneto Tennis Club from December 27th to December 31st. The tournament showcased numerous talented men and women in singles play, along with men’s doubles play. We would like to thank Lorenzo Fahoum, from Landmark Capital Ltd. along with BMS Printing, ATI Academy, and the Veneto Tennis Club for sponsoring providing this special tournament at our club. Many spectators were on hand, including members of […]

Beer & Wing Cup Mixed Social Tournament

Our annual “Beer & Wing Cup” mixed Social Tournament was held on Sunday December 4th.  The many participants enjoyed a great day of tennis and great food and all for a good cause.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of Marisa Armellin. We would like to thank our many sponsors who helped make the tournament such a great success:

Wayne McCracken, Game Set Match Tennis Boutique, BMS […]

Veneto Tennis Club hosts prestigious G5 Level ITF Tournament

The Veneto Tennis Club hosted a prestigious G5 Level ITF (International Tennis Federation) Tournament from October 30th to November 5th. The tournament attracted many of the top U18 Boys and Girls from numerous parts of the world. Along with our ATI the Veneto Tennis Club staff, and Veneto Centre staff, the tournament was a huge success. The facilities within the grounds of the Veneto Centre were optimized to host such a large number of players, […]