Risk Management Plan (Plan) 


Group: Two or more riders riding together.

Member: A paid-up member of the VCC.

OCA: Ontario Cycling Association.

Ride Leader: A rider appointed by the Board of the VCC to lead a ride.

Rider: A rider participating in any event organized by the VCC and sanctioned by the OCA.

VCC: Veneto Cycling Club. The VCC is a federally incorporated not for profit club. The VCC was incorporated February 13, 2013.

VCC Board: The duly elected and appointed directors of the VCC.

VCC Insurance: Insurance shall mean General Liability Insurance Coverage purchased through the OCA. The VCC is insured for third party liability for all our Rides. (click tab “Accident & Insurance” under “Riding” for more detailed information 

VCC ride (Ride): Any ride organized by the VCC and sanctioned by the OCA.


Cycling can be a dangerous activity. The VCC has developed this Plan in order to help manage, and as much as reasonably practicable minimize the risks associated with its cycling activities.

The rules set out in the Plan shall be followed by all riders. All riders are expected to familiarize themselves with the Plan. All riders are also expected to familiarize themselves with VCC insurance coverage and exclusions in coverage.

It is understood by all Riders that each of them shares responsibility for making Rides as safe as possible. As an OCA affiliated club, the VCC conducts its activities in a safe and responsible manner by following certain guidelines and practices. Failure to do so could jeopardize insurance coverage.  



  • Prior to applying for VCC membership the prospective member shall purchase general liability insurance coverage through the OCA and its carriers. The prospective member shall deliver proof of insurance and an executed waiver of liability, in a form acceptable to the VCC Board, prior to being issued a membership card. The Rider shall also read information contained under the tab “Riding” and agrees to abide by those rules and regulations. 
  • All members are responsible for bringing to the attention of the VCC Board any safety issues related to Rides.
  • All Riders are expected to know and to obey the rules of the road as they are set out in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and its Regulations.
  • While on a Ride, should a Rider feel the Group or individuals in the Group are riding in an unsafe manner, the Rider shall immediately advise the Ride Leader.
  • • If requested by a Ride Leader, the Rider shall provide immediately to the Ride Leader, valid proof of membership and proof of insurance (documents). Should the Rider not be able to produce the required documents, the Rider shall not be permitted to participate in the Ride.
  • Each Rider will conduct themselves in a responsible manner keeping in mind that they bear ultimate responsibility and liability for their own actions.

Ride Leader

  • The Ride Leader will identify themselves to the Group before the start of each Ride. The Ride Leader may describe the general Ride route, and may provide brief safety tips before the commencement of the Ride. Each Ride may not necessarily have a Ride Leader.
  • The Ride Leader will post in the sign-up sheet the destination, route, distance and average speeds and ensure all have understood and have the opportunity for the Rider to switch to a group more suitable to their ability. 
  • All decisions pertaining to the Ride for which that Leader is responsible, to and including a decision to cancel a Ride or to terminate a Ride already in progress, shall be final and binding upon all Riders. 
  • Ride Leaders shall carry cell phones with them for emergency use. Riders are encouraged to carry their own cellular phones as well.
  • The Ride Leader will determine the protocol with dealing with any rider not able to keep up with the pace of the Group.
  • The Group Leader must ensure that techniques such as rotation, single vs double file, signalling and formation are followed to promote the safety of the Ride. 


  • Group riding is, by definition, a group activity and requires the active input and cooperation of all Riders. It is not possible for the Ride Leader to see and hear everything that is going on at all times. Riders have a responsibility to ensure safe riding practices and communication with the Group. 
  • Whenever possible, Rides will take place on lesser-traveled roads.
  • Rides will not take place if there is a possibility of lightning.
  • When a large number of Riders are present for a Ride, the Riders will be encouraged by the Ride Leader to break into groups. Six (6) to twelve (12) Riders is a reasonable group size. Groups shall ride 100 metres or more apart in order to permit other vehicles to pass safely.
  • Riders must not be left behind during a Ride unless the Rider first notifies the Ride Leader that they no longer wish to participate in the Ride and can be left behind.
  • Should a Rider be in need of help or unable to keep up with the Group, the Ride Leader will designate a Rider, if available, to stay with the Rider and escort them back to the Ride starting point. Please understand that the Ride Leader nor any of the Riders are obligated to escort you back. 
  • Bicycle helmets shall be worn by Riders at all times.
  • Front and rear lights are required for a Ride which takes place one half hour before sunset and/ or which may extend into darkness.
  • Riders shall be solely responsible for ensuring they are sufficiently fit to participate in a Ride.
  • A Rider shall be responsible for bringing sufficient liquids and/or food as they may require for each Ride, as well as appropriate tools/ spare tubes, etc. to be able to perform simple repairs.
  • A Rider shall ensure that their bicycle is mechanically fit prior to initiating a Ride.
  • Riders are not to be under the influence of any drug or beverage that could impair their judgment on a Ride. Should the Ride Leader, prior to the start of a Ride, form the opinion that a Rider is impaired, the Ride Leader shall exclude the Rider from the Ride.
  • All accidents occurring on a Ride shall be immediately reported to the Ride Leader.  The Ride Leader will fill out an OCA Sport Injury Form.  Once this Sport Injury Form is reviewed by an officer of the VCC and duly signed, it shall be forwarded to the VCC Board and the OCA (Italics are the writer’s and only to emphasize change).