Welcome all cycling enthusiasts to the Veneto Cycling Club. In its fifth year the club has grown to over 150 members. The word is out in the cycling fraternity that VCC is a friendly and accommodating cycling club that welcomes all newcomers with open arms. VCC is comprised of several different touring groups, each offering a gradual set of challenges.


Pink (Divas) – for women who would prefer to ride with other women – there will be multiple groups within this category based on skill level

Green – will be probably be 2 sub-categories – one category will be riders who are on their bikes for the first time in years and have never ridden in a group – distance 30-40 km avg speed 20-22 km/hr– the other group will a little more experienced riders who are looking for a leisurely ride but will also include some new members who are fair riders but have never ridden in a group and can adapt quickly. distance 40-50 km – avg speed 24-25 avg This is a first good ride for them but they will move quickly to the blue group.

Light Blue – distance approx. 60 km – avg speed 26 km/hr

Blue – distance approx. 80 km – avg speed 27-28 km/hr

Red– distance 80-85 km – avg speed 29 km/hr

Gold– distance 90-100 km – avg speed 29-30 km/hr

Diamond – distance approx. 100 km+ – avg speed 30  km/hr+