Reading this at 6:00am? Sign up for the ride first.

Reading this at 6:00am? Sign up for the ride first.

THE ROAR – Weekly Bulletin – August 13, 2017

August 13, 2017

Dear Fellow Cyclists:


2.RIDE TO NIAGARA FALLS – Sunday September 3, 2017

3.YRCC PICNIC – August 27




TODAY + Sunday August 20, 2017; 8:00 am

Saturday August 19, 8:00 am – starting from Kleinburg Public Library

Tuesday Nights, 7:00 pm to twilight – lights mandatory

Thursday Nights, 7:00 pm to twilight – lights mandatory



2.  RIDE TO NIAGARA FALLS – Sunday September 3, 2017

There will be a second Ride to Niagara on September 3 following the great success of the first one held some time last month.  I do not have the exact date of the last ride as it was never officially published.  Rick Marchesan, president of the VCC, said he was compelled to hold a second ride after the reaction to the first.  The reaction was that of bitching that the rest of us did not get notice about the first ride.  Don’t worry, Rick, the bitchin’ was in good fun.
Details of the ride will be shortly, but for now, save the date.

3.  YRCC PICNIC – August 27, 2017

The 4th Annual YRCC Picnic will be held on Sunday August 27.  as usual, ride leaders will try to design their rides so that they pass by or finish at the picnic site.  If not, you can simply drive over to the picnic and enjoy some food generously provided by the sponsors.  Although the VCC does not appear as an official sponsor, we always provide a refreshing watermelon and basil smartly packaged, labelled and branded by our very own Frank Mazzuca. We do it and we’ve always done it.  Do we need the credit?  No we do not, because we do it out of the goodness of our hearts.  But it would be nice.


For anyone interested, there is a 60km ride leaving from the McMichael Art Gallery at 8:00am.  The fee for the ride is $150 with proceeds going to the Children’s Aid Foundation.  The ride will have mechanics and support cars as well as a lunch for the participants.


5.  PICTURES OF THE WEEK – See you next week

In order to make it into the VCC Bulletin, you need to do 3 things:

a.  Wear a VCC Jersey or stand next to someone wearing a VCC Jersey,

b.  Take a picture or have one taken of you; and

c.  Email them to

Entry No. 1: POCHI MA BUONI – Photo submitted by Fausto Rossetto 

It was a ride to Lake Wilcox and in his own words, “What the group didn’t do in size, it made up with good looks.”

2017 08 02


Entry No. 2: AT THE FLYING MONKEY – Photo submitted by Angelo DeMedicis and Fausto Rossetto 

It was the VCC’s annual ride to the Flying Monkey Bike Shop.  Dave, the owner, dropped by to have his picture taken with the XIII + Lady Gaga Elisa.

2017 08 04


Entry No. 3: BIKES AND BUTTS – Photo submitted by Angelo DeMedicis 

The Red Group dropped by the Grackle Coffee Shop today and found a sign for the patio for the cyclists. Angelo thought there must be a “Butt” joke in there somewhere seeing that Fausto is part of the group.  Don’t know, Angelo, the “Butts” is plural and I see a bunch of bikes along the wall.

2017 08 05


Entry No. 4: RIDE FOR ROB – Photo submitted by Julie Stroz  

The VCC gathers at the James Dick Cement plant for a moment of silence to honour Rob Taylor, a long time VCC member that tragically left us earlier this year. 

2017 08 06


Entry No. 5: FOUR CORNERS BAKERY – Photo submitted by Julie Stroz; words by Angelo D 

The Four Corners Bakery, a cycle friendly establishment and must go to stop that everyone should make during the season.  Joe, the owner was gracious enough to allow us an inside view of his new bakery and then to take this picture.  Everyone agrees that the XIII has the best looking jersey on the road.

2017 08 07


Entry No. 6: 180km RIDE TO JACKSON’S POINT – Photo submitted by Frank Morassut 

Presenting the heroes who rode 180km to and from Jackson’s point.
Wish we had their names, but……
2017 08 08

….. doesn’t the guy at the end look like a bit like Riccardo Montalban from Fantasy Island (not the Wrath of Khan) if Riccardo Montalban were to ride a bike?  I mean this as a compliment. 

2017 08 12

I wonder what Riccardo would look like in the Sunday Best.


Entry No. 7: THE BBQ PIT MASTER – Photo submitted by Frank Morassut

Somebody’s having too much fun.

2017 08 09 (2)


Ciao for now,


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