THE ROAR – Weekly Bulletin – June 16, 2017

THE ROAR – Weekly Bulletin – June 16, 2017

THE ROAR – Weekly Bulletin – June 16, 2017

June 16, 2017
Dear Fellow Cyclists:
In this issue:
2.  META CENTRE GRAN FONDO – Sunday June 25, 2017 – Early Bird Registration
1.  UPCOMING RIDES – Sunday June 18, 2017; 8:00 am
Happy Father’s Day
Saturday June 17, 8:00 am – starting from Kleinburg Public Library Tuesday June 20, 7:00 pm to twilight – lights mandatory
                    Thursday June 22, 7:00 pm to twilight – lights mandatory


2.  META CENTRE GRANFONDO – Sunday June 25, 2017
2017 05 20
The META Foundation is hosting its 16th Annual Family Walk, Relay & Gran Fondo on Sunday June 25, 2017, to raise funds for the Meta Foundation which provides programmes and assistance to individuals with special needs and their families.  The Gran-fondo has been taking place since 2014 and the Veneto Cycling Club has been there from the very beginning and in numbers that make us stand head and shoulders above everyone else.  In fact, last year when others broke ranks to participate in the “big boys” ride, the VCC stood by its commitment.  The big boys can tear a page out of our playbook and learn a lesson or two.  Have a look at the META Foundation page and you will see how we dominate in pictures:
The cost of the early bird registration is $125.  But considering that you get a free pair of Adidas running shoes and a foodie’s food pavilion, the price is well worth it.  Here is the link to the online registration page: Gran-fondo Registration
We hope to see you there.
Last week someone asked when the 2017 apparel would be available.  “It’ll be ready when it’s ready” was my answer.  When pressed further to give a date of its arrival, the natural answer was “It’ll be here when it arrives; it’ll arrive when it’s ready, it’ll be ready when it’s ready.  I’m not trying to be cute, but that’s the way it is when you deal with Quebec: it’s ready when it’s ready.”
It’s ready.
You can pick up your apparel order this Sunday morning before the ride starting at 7:15 am or before the weekly rides.  Look for Frank Mazzuca no. 2.  He’s the bald guy that looks like Dr. Evil.

Why is there a XIII on the back collar of the jersey?


On my ride last Sunday, I received a question from fellow rider, Coco, that was so simple and innocent as though it had come from a baby’s lips.  “Sandro, why is there a 13 on the back of our collars?”


I was struck by the question for it was the first time that it had been asked although he bore the very jersey with the 13 on his own back and so have we all for the last 4 years. When I grinned, Frank Mazzuca turned his head (it was his jersey that we were looking at) and said, “Oh no, and now for the rest of the story.”


The Short Answer:

The present jersey design of gold on burgundy was established in 2013.  Hence the 13 on the back collar.  This design is the second jersey in the club’s history.  The original Sunday Best from 2012 was white with gold and burgundy swooshes and a large lion on the back.


The Long Answer:

Coco, the long answer seldom has anything to do with the short answer.  The year 2013 is a mere coincidence (or better, a God-incidence).

The 13 or better yet, THE THIRTEEN, is in Roman numeral form.  It is not “13”, but it is “XIII”.  It refers to the 13th Legion of Rome.  If we had wanted to denote the year of the design, we would have done it with a simple “2013”.  Instead, we chose “XIII”.


The colours of the jersey – gold on burgundy – are the colours of the Republic of Venice as well as those of Rome.  Although Venice did not exist in Roman times, the Veneto people did and they were friends and allies of Rome.  As one person put it, Rome was invited to dinner one evening and she never left. 

 Legio Tertia Decima, the 13th Legion, was founded by Julius Caesar and its mascot or emblem was the lion.  The ensign was a burgundy standard with a gold lion.  So, Coco, is it coming together now?

Legio 13 - 1 


The 13th Legion was one of the most famous in Roman history.  It was the Legion that Julius Caesar famously used to cross the Rubicon, a small stream that delineated the northern limit of the Republic.  Beyond the Rubicon were the provinces of Rome.  Anyone who marched an army on the this side of the Rubicon also marched his army onto Rome and by its very nature, this was an act of treason punishable by hanging on a cross.  To cross the Rubicon in modern lexicon means to go beyond a point of no return.  Dare to cross and you must finish the deed.  Caesar and Legio XIII rolled the dice and eventually conquered Rome.

 The THIRTEEN also distinguished itself during the Gallic wars (in modern day France) where she helped to defeat the Gauls at Alesia and finally establish Roman dominance.  The Romans were outnumbered 4 to 1.  However, with Caesar’s cunning and the THIRTEEN’s valour and perseverance, they prevailed.


Now Coco, we don’t want to seem to be glorifying war all the time – not in today’s politically correct bubble wrap society.  So the here is some civic work performed by the Thirteen.  While Pro-Consul of northern Italy, Caesar had the Thirteen build a shopping centre in the northeast.  It was called Forum Julii or Julius Centre.  The people of the area bastardized the Forum Julii to For’ Julii or “Foriuli” and eventually this became Friuli.  All our friends from Friuli owe some sort of debt (or at least an acknowledgement) to the Thirteen.

As well, while in France, the soldiers of the Thirteen picked up a new trick from the Gauls.  Like most cultures, the Gauls mined salt – one of the most precious materials of the age, but they also had an abundance of game.  They began to not just preserve meat, but to do so on the bone by using the hind quarters of deer and boar.  A hind leg of boar is nothing more than a prosciutto.  When they built the Shops of Julius in Friuli, they left the locals the new technique of making prosciutto and so was born a new industry that today we know as Prosciutto San Daniele and for that we all owe a debt of gratitude to the THIRTEEN.

The THIRTEEN Leaves No One Behind

Coco, you know that at the VCC we pride ourselves in the fact that we take care of each other and we never leave anyone behind (unless they’re a real a–hole).  This is the code of many military institutions (which we do not celebrate because we are politically correct).  Now click on this link to a clip from the HBO series “Rome”.  Titus Pullo is about to be executed by 3 gladiators and he is willing to die until they piss on the THIRTEEN.  His former comrade Lucius Vorenus comes to his aid because they once belonged to the THIRTEEN.

Now if you can get beyond the impaling, maiming, beheading, amputations and gore, you can appreciate the valour, perseverance, comradery and solidarity of the unit. Know this Coco, that should you ever find yourself on your back and not wearing the Sunday Best, just cry out “Thirteen” and someone will be there. (I don’t know if they’ll help, but they’ll be there).
LINK:  Don’t Piss on the Thirteen
(Warning: This is graphic.  Avert your eyes if you are a PCer or faint of heart or weak of stomach)

   5.       VCC PICTURES OF THE WEEK In order to make it into the VCC Bulletin, you need to do 3 things:

a.    Wear a VCC Jersey or stand next to someone wearing a VCC Jersey,

b.    Take a picture or have one taken of you; and

c.    Forward it to me


Entry No. 1:  RIDERS FOR RYDERS – submitted by Fausto Rosetto

Congratulations and many thanks to the VCC Members that participated in the Ride to Conquer Cancer.  Below is a caption from Fausto Rossetto who is part of the Riders for Ryder team.  We know that Fausto was on hand to keep everyone in tight formation.  We wish him a speedy recovery as he had a bad spill on the ride – but not so bad that he couldn’t write to us.

2017 06 01 (2)

In celebration of Ryder’s life who passed away much too young at 5 yrs old from brain cancer. Our team leader Jimi is Ryder’s father.

Leaving Sunday morning from Hamilton to Niagara Falls. Notice the formation? Taken right out of  the VCC playbook. We ran into Bruno Baxa and a few others from the club but I didn’t know their names unfortunately. Frank Cistrone and Dave Allen are also members of Riders for Ryders. We were 20 strong this year. This event which celebrated its 10th anniversary broke the record for fund raising  in Canadian history. 5,040 riders raised $20.5M and a cumulative $180M since its inception for the Princess Margaret Hospital Cancer Research Foundation


Entry No. 2:  VCC TO THE RESCUE – submitted by Frank Mazzuca  

On Sunday, the people organizing the festivities at the VCC were not prepared with the food and so many of our fellow VCC people were left holding their meal ticket but without lunch.  The problem was that the organizers did not have the volunteers to do the cooking and so the VCC stepped in.  Below are the words of Frank.

2017 06 032017 06 08 (2)

WE LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND…not just on the road but at the Veneto Centre too.

Thanks to some of our fellow riders that came back in from a hot ride only to have to dive into smoke for 3 hours to cook over 750 sausages at the “CELEBRATING OUR CANADIAN DIVERSITY & INCLUSION ITALIAN STYLE” event held at the Veneto Centre.

High smoky high five to : Grill capo SANDRO with the porky helpers from VCC: Tony/Raymond/Frank and new member Lido. Tony Maddelena put down the tongs in order to take the picture.  Great work boys.


Entry No. 3:  RAIN ISN’T SO BAD WHEN IT GIVES YOU A RAINBOW – Photo and caption Frank Mazzuca  

RAINBOW PHOTO: Things are looking up…not only for the weather but for the GREENS in the Rainbow.

Here we have Donatella who at first was not she’s very sure…sure to ride as much as she can with the Veneto Cycling Club.2017 06 04


Entry No. 4:  NAKED RIDING IN NOLA – submitted by Brenda Moretto

This picture was taken by Brenda in New Orleans this past Saturday.  Normally, on a NOLA city tour the guide would point out the lace work of the wrought iron railings.  In this case Brenda is pointing the camera at another type of lace work.  No selfie, Brenda? What a shame.

2017 06 06


Entry No. 5:  THE CEMENT FACTORY – submitted by Tony Maddalena

This is the typical shot at the “Cement Factory” rest area.

2017 06 14



2017 06 05

Entry No. 7:  SNAP, GRACKLE, POP – submitted by Elisa Mestiti

This picture comes to us from a new member, Elisa, at the Grackle Coffee Shop in Schomberg.  Thanks.  It’s encouraging to see new faces and to have new people sending in photos (not dissing the old ones).

2017 06 07


Entry No. 8:  AT THE HOLLAND MARSH WINERY – submitted by Frank Morassut

Peter, pictured below, and Frank took a peek at the Holland Marsh Winery and found two old friends waiting at the door.

2017 06 09

2017 06 10 (2)



Entry No. 9:  RED GROUP IN FORMATION – submitted by Peter Iacobucci

2017 06 11


Ciao for now,

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