Tennis Academy Newsletter and Program Guide 2018/19

Hello and welcome to an exciting new season at the Veneto Tennis Club! First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mike Pietras and I am the new Club Manager and Tennis Director at the VTC. Recently the board of directors put together their future vision of the club and felt that the VTC needed a re-launch in junior and adult programming. With this objective in mind I am very excited to be joining the club and creating such programs. Starting in September, VTC will offer more programs for our members, non-members looking to join and for those who just want an opportunity to participate in our various classes. The programs will offer something for players of all levels and ages, and provide a fun atmosphere of learning. So, without further ado I would like to share the 2018/19 Tennis Program Guide with you….


Munchkins Program:

This program is for kids aged 3-5. It is a parent friendly program where the parent of the child will be encouraged and shown how to participate in the teaching of various skill sets. The Coach will introduce FUN ON A TENNIS COURT to the kids as the main focus. There will be lots of games, challenges and drills designed for the age group. The class runs for 1 hour in order to allow for the specific unpredictable needs of the child. (coming in late or finishing early for various reasons. Needing some time to get brave and participate, bathroom breaks etc.) Most kids will probably participate in 20-30 minutes of the class but are welcome to be on court for as long as possible. The class will be on repeat for the hour so at anytime the kids will be able to do any of the actives designed for that day. Rackets for the kids are included in the program cost.

Red Ball:

This program is the start of the pyramid. Here the kids will learn the FUNdamentals of tennis. They will be taught coordination skills, awareness of the ball and racket and confidence on the court. The technical skills introduced at this time will be the building blocks for their continued growth and development into the next stage. It is done on a half court setting to allow the kids to develop in a manageable space with each other. Each class will be a high energy fun filled hour designed to give each child a lasting experience in tennis. Weekend play is available for players able to do so.

Orange Ball:

This program will be done on a ¾ court. This stage is the most important stage in their progressive development. It will provide them with an understanding of how tennis is played. All the different strokes involved in the game. The techniques used for those strokes and the movement associated with this space. It will still be geared towards fun and learning but in a more systematic manner. Once they acquire the necessary skill needed in this program they will progress into a full court setting and the next level of ball. Weekend play is available for players able to.

Green Ball:

The transition to the full court will happen at this stage. Kids at this point will have a good sense of what tennis is about, what the different strokes used are, and a basic idea of strategy. In the group we will continue to develop the technical, tactical and physical skills needed and will now open up the court space even more. From this stage the kids will move into a regular ball program. Weekend play is available for players able to. Weekend and Friday match play is available for players.


Transition Group:

This program is for kids aged 14 and under, who are looking at tennis in a more competitive way. The players in this group are using a regular ball on a full court. They posses a solid foundation of their technical skills, have a good understanding of the tactical aspect of tennis and have a strong desire to enter into the competitive stream. If not already doing O.T.A. tournaments, then soon to be. At this level there will be a minimum 2 days a week commitment in the program with weekly/bi weekly private coaching and weekend match play or tournaments. Weekend and Friday match play is available.

Development Group:

This program is for players who have now entered the full court space and are using a regular ball. Ages will range from 13-18 and the focus will be on continuing play in a less competitive but still challenging environment. Stroke development will still be a top priority with tactics, physical activity and point play rounding out the structure. This group will provide players with a place to continue to train and develop and where they can enjoy the game at a regional or high school level. Weekend and Friday match play is available for players.

High Performance:

This program is not an academy. It is an individualized program for players looking to train with the outmost intensity. This opportunity is by invitation only. For those interested contact Mike Pietras. Head Professional.


All programs will start the week of September 10th, 2018 and run through the week of June 23rd, 2019.
The following dates are excluded and are accounted for in the pricing of each program:

No Class on:

October 6,7,8 (Thanksgiving Weekend)

December 24th– January 6th (Christmas Break) Optional Program and training will be available during that time.

February 16,17,18 (Family Day Weekend)

March 11-17 (March Break) Optional Program and training sessions will be available during that time.

April 19,20,21,22 (Easter Weekend)

May 18,19,20 (Victoria Day Weekend)

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