The Veneto Tennis Club Inc. was incorporated by Letters of Patent on June 23, 1993 as a non-profit corporation for the purpose of constructing a year round tennis complex. The Board of Directors in the Veneto Tennis Club is composed of 11 Directors, 6 of which were members at the time of incorporation, 3 are annual members of the Club and 2 are ex-officio Directors, being the President of the Veneto Centre Clubs, formerly the Veneto Federation of Clubs Ontario and the Liaison Officer of the San Marco Veneto Club.

The Federation of the Veneto Clubs and Associations was incorporated as a non-profit organization for the purpose of uniting all the various clubs and associations which were composed of people originating from the Veneto region of Italy. The basic purposes of the Veneto Federation are to promote the cultural heritage of its members and for the community at large, and to share its cultural heritage.

In the development of its various programs, the Federation places great value on the family and on the Veneto culture in the Canadian environment. The recreational and cultural facilities of the Federation are open to ALL Canadians who abide by the rules and regulations established by the Board of Directors of the Federation. In October 1987, the Veneto Federation together with the Town of Vaughan, entered into a lease agreement with the Ministry of Government Services, for the use of a 75 acre site which had previously been designated Public Use Area for recreational purpose, a lease which extends until the year 2035.

Extensive feasibility studies have been used as a guide in a multiphase development plan which will eventually result in a multi-purpose recreation and cultural centre. One such plan was realized when the Veneto Federation entered into an agreement with the Veneto Tennis Club to build and manage an indoor tennis facility.

The Directors were successful in raising $300,000 from 50 private investors, another $300,000 was provided as a 10-year loan from the bank. The additional financing was provided by 4 key members of the Club. Later, the Club was refinanced and the key individuals who had advanced funds were paid off. Annual memberships and court usage provide a substantial portion of the revenue to repay the loan, generate revenues to pay operating expenses and to provide for future expansion.

The initial loans have been paid off. To support the recent expansion to 10 courts, 6 hard courts and 4 red clay courts, surface and lighting improvements, additional monies have been borrowed. The building is spacious, well-lit and well-ventilated. Additional improvements are currently being studied. The Directors wish to provide a professionally administered program which makes optimum use of the courts, provides a pleasant club atmosphere for members of all ages, supports the development of our junior players and provides opportunities for instruction, social play and organized competition.

As a member of the Veneto Tennis Club, one is automatically a member of the Veneto Centre and thereby is able to participate in and benefit from its social, recreational and cultural offerings.